We’re building career roadmaps that make room for the new world of work.

About QLC

When figuring out career changes, most of us are at a bit of a loss.

Technology has changed at a rapid pace and along with it, the automation of a number of age-old jobs. Some of the most in-demand skills were only created in the last decade, freelancing has become a viable career, and online learning is almost mainstream. We increasingly want work which includes travel, impact, and new technologies and we don’t expect to stay in one job our whole life anymore. Yet most of us still work 9 to 5, sit in an office, and believe you need to go back to school to make a career change.

Our mission is to empower the pursuit of non-traditional career paths.

Our vision is to make the Future of Work a world where crooked career paths are the norm.

Education shouldn’t be a one time investment we make at the start of our careers, work should be flexible, and blueprints should be available for even the most coveted jobs. We’re moving away from career ladders, and designing jungle gyms to inspire lifelong learning and experimentation.

What We've Done

We’ve made progress towards this goal by creating a platform where we can learn and use digital skills, by working with innovative startups on projects that solve problems.

We co-develop our curriculum according to the needs of companies, and we’re building our community through partnering with accelerators and other innovative ecosystems.

We’re making room for:

Remote careers by teaching people how to work without physical limitations.

QLC + Universities

While we mostly target professionals in the first 10-15 years of their career, we’re also building a network of forward-thinking partner universities who share a goal of transforming the education experiences of their students to become more relevant, practical, and technology-driven.

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QLC is a Singaporean company with a remote team based around the world. Catch up with us in Shanghai, Singapore, Hamilton, Cebu and Tel Aviv—for now 😉.

Our History

QLC started when co-founders Fei and Will realised that the only reason they had quit their consulting jobs in Australia and moved to Singapore to build a vintage furniture app was because they were both going through a quarter life crisis. They didn’t even like furniture very much. Instead, they found a whole new world of startups and community organisations in emerging markets with missions they knew their ex-colleagues or friends would love. But no one moved because it felt too risky.

They parked the furniture app (indefinitely), and instead founded QLC with a goal to help people, just like their friends, access opportunities of all shapes and sizes and make career experimentation feel a little less scary.

Shortly after, they met Luke (who had just taken his own leap of faith from New Zealand to Myanmar), and together they started building a platform that inspired and educated young professionals to get involved in new ideas outside their network. Since then, we have connected over 1,000 people to cross-border projects from food to education to healthcare. We’re not only making career changes feel less risky, we’re also helping change-seekers learn the new world of work.


MVP  |   Build   |   Refine

We worked with our first 100 project mentors, one by one, to understand the company needs and mindset when hiring. We reinvented the need to hire as a startup, using ideas from the apprentice-journeyman-master model of the Middle Ages.

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