How It Works

Projects are about career and lifestyle discovery through sampling real work experiences. We partner with early stage startups, social ventures and kickass creative projects which need help with a particular milestone, goal or domain expertise.

Moonlight With A Side-Gig

Our platform matches you with an awesome side project, a project manager and your team of fellow enrollees. Projects are short term, remote and flexible – so anyone can get involved in their own time, without having to quit their job.

Learn By Doing

Learn new business, technology and design skills through real tasks set by project owners with the support of online/offline tools. Be mentored and gain industry insight by experienced business founders and industry specialists too.

Collaborate With A Global Community

Meet fellow participants in cities around the world and connect to work on projects together with purpose. Get away from your LinkedIn corporate account and get in touch with those who share the same passions as you.

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