Design Rewind 2018

A look back on the QLC brand, in five parts

Michelle Shi

By Michelle Shi

Why the backbone of QLC is our community

How we are building a learning ecosystem instead of just “a business model”

Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo

Head of Global Community

Being a digital nomad in 2018 and what I learned from this

Kassidy Cornelison shares her experience of living across 11 different cities in 2018 as a digital nomad

Kassidy Cornelison

By Kassidy Cornelison

Head of Global Startups @ QLC. Avid traveler, food eater, book reader. Talks startups and remote work.

Building happiness, literally

Lending our muscles, artistic skills and time to improving the infrastructure in the village of Malbago, Bantayan Island

Isan De Jesus

By Isan De Jesus

QLC Author

Here’s how to stay relevant in an automated world

Make sure to upskill in the right direction so that the robot does not steal your paycheck!

Sandhya Ramachandran

By Sandhya Ramachandran

Content Creator

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