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Quarter Life Champion #1: Kartik Goyal

A monthly series featuring our star candidates --- Ever wondered what it’s like to do a QLC project? What skills will you gain? Hear first hand from our student quarter life champion.

Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo
University Partnerships

Remote working, myth busted!

There is a wealth of evidence out there that shows how the conventional 9-5 job structure is not the way to get the best out of employees. What remote working offers is a break from routine, which can be detrimental to creativity.

Will Fan

By Will Fan

Finding greener pastures in a hi-tech world

No matter the industry we choose to be in, it is imperative that we engage in constant learning to pick up new skills. Being a luddite in a hi-tech world could only mean one thing – a one-way ticket to extinction.

Will Fan

By Will Fan

Give yourself a break from the digital world

Disconnecting from the online world can be daunting, but once you get the hang of it, its truly freeing.

Isan De Jesus

By Isan De Jesus

Chief Happiness Officer

How 1L Car Wash discovered market opportunities with QLC

A case study on how 1L Car Wash, an ecofriendly car wash service based in Malaysia, discovered new market opportunities through a QLC remote project

Kassidy Cornelison

By Kassidy Cornelison

Head of Global Startups @ QLC. Avid traveler, food eater, book reader. Talks startups and remote work.

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