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Will Fan

By Will Fan
Co-founder and CEO @ QLC

Awesome digital nomad hubs around the world

These space are some of the most recommended in the world by digital nomads. Here's why.


Asia – Seoul

A cosmopolitan city that’s home to some 10 million people, the capital of South Korea is an effervescent digital nomad hub where you won’t ever have to worry about your internet connection – Seoul has one of the fastest Wifi speeds in the world.

Getting around the city is also easy, thanks to its comprehensive subway system that even non-Koreans can easily figure out.

Seoul has much to offer in terms of food and entertainment, too. From upscale restaurants to family-friendly BBQ joints to charming pojangmachas and fast food outlets like The Halal Guys, one would be spoilt for choice. Oh, and there’s kickass Korean fried chicken too.

Co-working space to check out: Campus Seoul

Opened in May 2015, this sprawling co-working facility is equipped with an open office space, conference rooms, a kitchen, an auditorium and a café. If you’re just looking for a cool spot to finish up some work, the café offers free access and Wifi. Small startups that are selected for its Campus Residency get to utilize the office spaces for free too.

Campus Seoul is also a great place to learn – it regularly brings in industry experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to share insights on a variety of matters.

Middle East – Dubai

Dubai is currently in the midst of a transformation from an oil-reliant economy into an innovation hub, as evidenced by the number of accelerators and incubators emerging in recent years. If you’re looking for a place to meet likeminded people from the startup scene, Dubai is arguably the best place in the Middle East. Trust us, we know.

Another reason to visit this city is the fact that it has a penchant for the superlatives. Developments like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah island are awe-inspiring. The fact that some cops and taxi drivers zip around in Ferraris or Lamborghinis while on the job is pretty rad, too.  

Contrary to popular belief, this uber glamourous city isn’t that expensive to live in. The cost food and transportation is actually cheaper than many European cities. Of course, there are numerous places where you can make it rain as well. The Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab costs just US$24,000 a night, you high roller.

Co-working space to check out: A4 Space

Sporting an industrial-chic décor, this co-working space is located in one of the prime contemporary art hubs in the city. Equipped with multi-functional areas, a café, a cinema, a library and spaces ideal for hosting events – activities by TEDxDubai were held here before - this space offers digital nomads free Wifi and access to workspaces.

Africa – Mauritius

Endowed with stunning white sand beaches that lead to clear emerald waters, Mauritius is often associated with the honeymoons and postcard perfect holidays. But this small African island nation has been growing in stature as a vibrant haven for digital nomads and startups, with a number of incubators being launched about a year ago. In fact, it was reported earlier this year that startup ConsenSys is planning to build a tech-hub in the country to host Ethereum and blockchain companies.

The usual water sports aside, Mauritius also boasts having forested areas that are great for day hikes and adventure activities like ziplining. The cost of living here is affordable. The internet is stable and relatively fast. The weather is gorgeous. What more can one ask for?

Co-working space to check out: Turbine

Founded in 2015, this co-working space cum start-up incubator features well-appointed working spaces set in an ex-industrial building. Turbine offers a variety of co-working plans from as low as US$4.50 a day or up to US$52 a month for a specific spot in the facility.

Europe – Budapest

With its stunning architecture, hip nightlife scene and vibrant startup community, the capital of Hungary is currently one of the must-visit cities for digital nomads.

Thanks to the Hungarian government’s aim of making Budapest the startup capital of the world by 2020, the scene has boomed in recent years, with about 200 enterprises emerging over the past couple of years. If you’re looking for street cred, Prezi, one of the world’s most popular presentation software, came from this city.

While the dining and accommodation options in this tourist hotspot are not suited for the budget traveller, there are certainly lots of options to choose from.

Co-working space to check out: Kaptar

Located in the city centre and near a host of lifestyle amenities, Kaptar is a lively hub complete with cosy working spaces, fast Wifi and free-flow coffee to satisfy caffeine junkies. The space also frequently hosts a variety of breakfast coaching sessions for members, because there’s no better fuel to start the day with than knowledge.

South America – Buenos Aires

The charm of Argentina’s capital stems from the fact that it’s caught somewhere between a disorderly third world country and a cosmopolitan first world city. This combination of chaos and glamour is arguably what draws crowds of digital nomads who are looking for a slightly intrepid, unforgettable experience.

Buenos Aires’ colorful street art scene, which is legally sanctioned, seems to encapsulate the nature of this city.

Another big draw is Buenos Aires’ cost of living which gives you a major bang for your buck. Top notch steaks can be had for just US$10. A decent bottle of wine costs pretty much the same. Getting around is relatively cheap too, though be prepared to exercise patience when it comes to finding a roof over your head for a decent price.

Co-working space to check out: Urban Station

This co-working spot is one of the most recommended in the city, and there’s a good reason why – it’s casual but professional, offers super-fast internet connection, features colourful, quirky interiors and is home to large crowd of hip digital nomads from around the world. At around US$30 per day, Urban Station isn’t the cheapest option, but it sure is one of the most reliable.

US – Portland

Arguably the hippest city in the US, Portland is well-known to be a melting pot of creatives from around the world thanks to its growing tech community. There’s little not to like about this city. Besides the microbreweries, trendy cafes and food trucks (come on, who doesn’t love food trucks?), Portland also offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in nature at its forest trails and idyllic beaches.

Nicknamed the “Silicon Forest”, Portland is a great place to explore on foot and especially on bike – it is probably the most bicycle-friendly city in the country, with many dedicated bike lanes and trails located throughout.

The cost of living is relatively cheap when compared to the rest of the US. A decent meal at a diner should cost about US$10. Housing rent, on the other, is a little steeper. Expect to pay around US$100 per night for an Airbnb.

Co-working space to check out: Collective Agency

Established in 2011, Collective Agency is a highly rated co-working space with two facilities in Portland. Apart from the well-lit work spaces, conference rooms, phone rooms and bicycle parking, there are also quiet spots where you can take a quick nap and a shower area if you’re heading to work after a workout.

Will Fan

Co-founder and CEO @ QLC

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