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Lily Wu

By Lily Wu
VP of Growth

How Jordain integrates multiple disciplines in science, engineering and business to create change.

Read about Jordain's experience with his QLC project, UnOrdinary Spaces.


Jordain Tay is a firm believer of entrepreneurship. To him, developing an enterprising mindset is one of the most crucial steps, not only towards maximising his contributions towards society, but also towards self-actualisation. He also cares deeply about initiatives in the healthcare, clean energy and education sectors. 


He’s currently pursuing a degree in Material Science Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. He believes that by integrating his science and engineering education learned in school, coupled with his strong passion for entrepreneurship and business development, the skillsets he has nurtured throughout his university days will stand him in good stead in his future career, preparing him to become a global citizen and an advocate of change. 


Tell me a little bit about yourself.


I am an avid fan of sports and the outdoors, especially frisbee and soccer. I am currently in my school’s frisbee team and outdoor adventure club. In my spare time, I love to watch Netflix, play overwatch and also upgrade myself in the realm of web development and digital online marketing in the form of online courses. My personal motto is that “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone!” So sit tight, buckle up, hustle hard and tackle whatever life throws at you head on.



What project did you do with QLC, how did you find the experience and what were some key learnings?


I did a project on business development with UnOrdinary spaces and trust me, it really was an eye-opening experience. The experience was totally not what I have expected because I really did not envision myself to learn so much in such a short period of time.


From engaging our target audience in the market via social media marketing to creating online sales funnel for business development, I realized there was still so much out there to grind and learn. 


Time management was definitely also one of the key takeaways while doing this project while studying, not to mention the numerous co-curricular activities and outside commitments I had at that point in time. 


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What are some of the skills you learnt from Unordinary Spaces that you will be able to apply to your current or future jobs?


Some useful skills that I had picked up along the way would include armket research, business strategies and social media marketing. My mentor had been very patient and understanding with me and was also willing to guide me and teach me the ropes and from there I really saw how leadership could influence an entire organization. 


Effective leadership is really built on a solid foundation of clear mission, vision, strategy and eventual success. When a boss becomes a pillar of support for his or her employees, it would really empower them and propel them to greater heights. 


What did you learn about yourself throughout this process?


I learned that I can be quite the perfectionist when it comes to giving it my best in my work and it might sometimes result in putting too much pressure on myself and that could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you see it. 


Furthermore, I also learned that I can adapt to a new work environment quite well and I enjoy working with people and am a team player.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to someone who is deciding whether to do one of these projects?



I would say just go for it. Youth is really one’s greatest asset as you really would not know what tomorrow might bring. Explore the multitude and plethora of options all around us, more often than not, opportunities are always out there and it really depends on whether you want to get up and go out there to grab it. Leave no room for regrets, try everything that intrigues you and really live life to the fullest, for they always say, you only live once!


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Lily Wu

VP of Growth

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