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Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo
University Partnerships

Quarter Life Champion #1: Kartik Goyal

A monthly series featuring our star candidates --- Ever wondered what it’s like to do a QLC project? What skills will you gain? Hear first hand from our student quarter life champion.



At QLC, our work revolves around students and young professionals. Our platform helps connect them to global innovative startups through short term remote projects. So what better way to show our appreciation for the students that have completed a project with us than through a monthly series featuring our very own QLC- Quarter Life Champions!

Introducing our first champion - Kartik Goyal. He recently graduated with a Masters of International Business from the University of Sydney. Prior to starting his project, Kartik had aspirations to go down the corporate route and work at a consultancy firm. Kartik completed a 6-week project with fundMyLife, a Singaporean-based insurance tech company that helps users connect their financial planning questions to trusted advisors privately.


Since graduating, he has co-founded a startup called Druchem. Read on to see how QLC helped him fulfil his dreams of starting his own company.


QLC: What were you career aspirations before doing a project with us?

K: Secure a nice paying job, work in a consultancy firm, and move up through the ranks of the corporate world.

QLC: What interested you in doing a project with QLC?

K: Although my dream career constitutes of consultancy, I was interested to do a QLC project for the potential of learning and the opportunity to connect with people from varied backgrounds.


QLC: What did you manage to learn/achieve in the 6 weeks?

K: The ability to pick the brains of my mentor (Jackie Tan) was a welcome opportunity. He was not only understanding and patient, but also highly motivating. It was a fantastic experience to understand what goes into managing a team. I was ecstatic to learn the intricacies of such interactions and the right amount of push that might be required.


"I have gained the confidence to tackle any technological hurdle"


QLC: What were your favourite parts of the QLC project?

K: A constant communication thread that allowed me to express my ideas, as and when they surfaced. This helped in timely feedback and constant feeling of being connected with others, even if we hadn’t met in person.


QLC: What new skill(s) did you learn that you can take to your future employers/own business?

K: Effective communication, technological skills and intercultural understanding. When you work in a virtual team, you have to work on a multitude of things by yourself, which means you can’t pass off the difficult bits to someone else. I had to work with various databases, graphical software applications, survey mechanisms and online tools I never knew existed. I may not be a ‘pro’ in them but I have gained the confidence to tackle any technological hurdle. In addition, this project allowed me to understand and experience the intricacies that go into creating bonds with people. Sometimes it can be harsh when you have to dabble between your way of doing things and experimenting new methods, but that’s where the real fun lies. I think this is one of the highlights of a QLC project, everyone can experience going out of their comfort zone, understand, experiment and if it becomes too much to handle you can move away for a few hours, centre yourself and get right back at it.


QLC: How has QLC changed your future career aspirations?

K: To me, this project acted as a back to basics course on “life”. I had always wanted to work for myself, and set my own rules at the workplace and be creative while doing it. This project helped me connect with people with similar mindsets, who rekindled my dreams of owning a business.

Best of luck to Kartik and his new adventure!


About QLChampions

QLChampions is a monthly series featuring our star candidates. We give the students an opportunity to share their QLC experience and their journey throughout the 6-week project, whilst simultaneously allowing them to increase their visibility on our network of potential employers and university partners.


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