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Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo
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Quarter Life Champion #2: Hannah Nagel

A monthly series featuring our star candidates --- Ever wondered what it’s like to do a QLC project? What skills will you gain? Hear first hand from our student quarter life champion.


Introducing our second Quarter Life Champion - Hannah Nagel. She is currently studying towards a Diploma of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bond University. She completed a 6-week content marketing project with Furnishr, a turnkey furnishing platform that completely furnishes your empty home in one day.

Hannah’s experience with QLC lead her to change her business degree to include a major in international business and a minor in management as she discovered new passions and skills about herself.

Read on to hear her thoughts on working remotely, leading a team and what animal closely resembles her experience with QLC !

QLC: What initially attracted you to do a QLC project?

H: Marketing piqued my interest since starting my degree. I love the interaction with clients and the designing process of content. An internship is a great way to utilise existing skills and gain a deeper insight into the industry. The QLC internship, specifically, was flexible  which accommodated my study and personal commitments and I got to have fun working on a new project!


QLC: What are your thoughts on working remotely now that you’ve completed your project?

H: I believe its success is heavily dependent on  personality, commitment, emotional intelligence and reliable communication platforms. Whilst it provides great lifestyle flexibility, you need to make time to complete tasks, which for me occurred mostly at night or between classes. The downside to this is that there can be response delays in communication due to different time zones but that’s when platforms such as Slack and Skype became vital tools in our communication processes.


QLC: Describe your experience using Slack for the first time!
H: It was kind of like using messenger, but with the capabilities to collaborate efficiently and professionally. I liked the fact that you can collaborate and share ideas with other teams. I actually spoke to several people at a recent start-up event and they said that Slack is one of their main tools as it allows project participants to share data and ideas across multiple projects!


QLC: What has being a team leader taught you?

H: I never thought of myself as a leader. I applied for the position to push beyond my comfort zone and test what leadership style my personality and experiences attributed to a team. Through the internship, I found that I have a democratic and participative style. My team and I had difficulties with some of the platforms used to write articles but we tackled these issues together, learnt different parts and communicated any difficulties to be able to complete the articles successfully.


"There are several ways to put your skills into practice and QLC projects are a great way to trial your chosen path!"

QLC: How did overcoming these challenges made you feel?

H: Through the small challenges, I became a self-aware, confident person who is no longer worried if things do not always start off perfect. There are several ways to put your skills into practice and an internship is a great way to trial your chosen path.

QLC: If you had to pass on some wisdom to the next QLC-er, what would it be?
H: Participation in this program will allow you to trial your field, gain experience from challenges, and develop necessary skills for the workforce.


QLC: Here’s a question to spice things up! Describe your QLC experience as an animal.
H: A baby bird passes many stages before flying for the first time. It observes how others fly and wonders at the vast opportunities that come with such a skill. It leaps from the tree hoping that natural instinct, in addition to the time spent analysing will ensure it does not fall. The bird gathers confidence, starts to soar and finds the path it’s meant to follow, meeting new friends along the way. This describes my QLC internship well!

Thank you Hannah for lending the time, and here's to hoping QLC will help you soar over the horizons in your future endeavours! 



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QLChampion is a monthly series featuring our star candidates. We give the students an opportunity to share their QLC experience and their journey throughout the 6-week project, whilst simultaneously allowing them to increase their visibilty on our network of potential employers and university partners. 

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