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Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo
QLC Author

Quarter Life Champion #3: Tianchu Zhao

A monthly series featuring our star candidates -- Ever wondered what it's like to do a QLC project? What skills will you gain? Hear first hand from our student quarter life champion.



Our Quarter Life Champion this month is Tianchu Zhao. He is currently a student at the University Technology Sydney, completing his degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Majoring in Data Analytics, it’s no surprise that he is currently doing his second Data Analytics project with us. His first project was with with oBike, (Malaysia's first and largest dockless bike-sharing platform). Currently, he is working with ChicP, (a startup that makes hummus from surplus vegetables) to help them promote their content using data analytics.

Read on to see how QLC projects helped Tianchu become more industry ready and how it taught him to work across cultures and time zones!

QLC: What attracted you to do a project with QLC?

T: Their projects give me an opportunity to work with people from different countries and backgrounds. It helps me to gain insights into different industries and develop my skills to become more work/industry ready.

QLC: What new skills did you manage to learn throughout both projects?

T: Sometimes you can use existing knowledge to contribute to a project, but most of the time, we are required to learn and develop new skills. For example, I’ve learnt how to use Tableau and I’ve also learnt about marketing and how to optimise search engine results.

QLC: How do you feel about the remote working aspect of it?

T: Overall, it is a fantastic experience. It enables us to work with people from multi-nation and multi-continent. To facilitate this, we set a time once a week to work together and exchange the information gathered regularly.

QLC: What did you enjoy most about Slack?

T: It offers us a way to work remotely.  In fact, it offers better and more consistent history records compared to traditional emails. It also offers advanced formatting and call functions. I particularly enjoy the multi-account system on Slack application. A single app that handles multi-account login is fantastic. 

QLC: What aspects about a virtual team were you pleasantly surprised about?

T: Even though we are from different countries, time zones and we haven’t met in person, we can still work in harmony and deliver projects successfully.

QLC: How have your career aspirations changed since completing projects with us?

T: It has broadened my view on the potential opportunities to work in different areas. 

"Had I not gone through QLC, I would not realise the huge variety in problem types that companies from different areas may encounter. The projects enabled me to be exposed to a range of different problems and thus, develop my skills all around"

QLC: If you were asked to pass on some wise words to those starting a project with us, what would you say?

T: Make sure to do proper time management, and let people know in advance if you can’t attend a meeting. Doing a meeting minute can help both you and the others recall what’s going on in the weekly meetings.


QLC: What did you think of our pre-project task? (As a pre-project task, we require students to create their own landing page)

T: In contrast to a traditional resume, the landing page offers a modern way to showcase ourselves! Different people will have different layouts and styles. It offers an open space for creativity and shows more about ourselves.  (Check out his amazing landing page here


Thank you Tianchu for your keen interest and ethusiasm in our projects! Here's to you completing your second project with us, and maybe embark on a third? :)


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QLChampion is a monthly series featuring our star candidates. We give the students an opportunity to share their QLC experience and their journey throughout the 6-week project, whilst simultaneously allowing them to increase their visibilty on our network of potential employers and university partners. 

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