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Nisha Foo

By Nisha Foo
QLC Author

Quarter Life Champion #4: Andrea Virrey

A monthly series featuring our star candidates -- Ever wondered what it's like to do a QLC project? What skills will you gain? Hear first hand from our student quarter life champion.



Andrea certainly has her hands full; juggling a full-time degree, extra-curricular activities AND a tutoring job. And yet, she manages to find time to do QLC projects. So, it was an absolute no-brainer to feature her as our next Quarter Life Champion! She is currently a student at the University of New South Wales, pursuing a full-time Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing and Business Economics. 

She recently completed her third project with QLC (woo!) and so, I was really excited to pick her brain on her experience with QLC.

QLC: What attracted you to do your first project with QLC?
A: I already knew how competitive the job market was after applying for a number of internships, but I was constrained by the fact that I lacked industry experience. But I did not want an internship to deter my time away from university studies. Hence, I was drawn to QLC because of the flexibility it gave me. Not spending more than 8-10 hours per week on the project, I was able to gain industry experience and knowledge. 


I felt as though working with a start-up is an effective way to learn quickly within a small amount of time. You are able to communicate directly with senior management, and spearhead ideas that other functions are able to implement quickly.


QLC: And what attracted you to come back and complete 2 more projects?
A: My first internship with QLC was a business development project with Drizzlin Media. After working under an exceptional industry mentor (shoutout to Deepak Goel!), it opened my eyes to how much I could learn by doing 2 more. After realising my passion for marketing, I went along to undertake a Data Analytics project with Luxe Botanics, and a Content Marketing project with Igloohome. An opportunity to work flexibly, learn lots and develop business acumen was too good to pass up. 

QLC: What new skills did you manage to learn in the multiple projects?
A: The skills that I learnt in each internship was quite specific to the career I envision myself to be in. Such skills included how to use Google Adwords/Keyword planner, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), data analysis of reports, conversion optimisation and sales funnelling, UX research and more. On top of this, I learnt how to communicate more effectively, manage my time well and how to apply theoretical frameworks in real-world problems.

QLC: What were your thoughts on working remotely before and after doing a project?
A: I had never worked remotely before QLC so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out that it is an effective way to connect with industry professionals and like-minded people worldwide. It provides the opportunity to pool together ideas and mindsets from different cultural contexts, in order to develop milestones and key business objectives. 

QLC: How did you find the QLC curriculum? 
A: The QLC curriculum was very insightful! It is a one-stop shop for you to learn terminologies, strategies and content you may be unfamiliar with, as it is generally not taught in the classroom. 

QLC: What aspects of a virtual team were you pleasantly surprised about?
A: At first, I thought it may be difficult to communicate online when solving a business problem, or delivering on milestone objectives. But I was surprised as to how seamlessly communication can flow, and how easily you can learn online. 

QLC: How did QLC differ to the other in-person internships you’ve done before?
A: QLC differs in that the projects are more agile, and fast-paced. In saying this, you quickly realise how much you can achieve within a short time frame, and the impact that can be done to a business within 6 weeks.


I was able to gather a lot of tips and tricks from the startup industry's brightest, and will most definitely be implementing this knowledge in future roles

QLC: If someone was hesitant to do a QLC project, what would you tell them?
A: If you are hesitant about working with people you have never met before remotely, remember that there is a lot of excitement in meeting new people as well. Meeting like-minded and talented people provides a fresh set of eyes and ideas. Based on previous experience, team members are generally very easy to work with, the mentor is very helpful and each meeting is productive and insightful. I advise that you get yourself out there (early), be involved, and QLC may be able to open doors for you, as it did for me.

We're really glad to hear that QLC provided you with new experiences and helped you to create the foundation of your early career in digital marketing! Good luck in your future endeavours, Andrea!


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