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What QLC?

What’s a Quarter-Life Crisis?

It depends. You’ve probably heard some people experience it as wanting something “more in life”... except they already have everything they thought they always wanted. Others describe it as the dark age - where feeling lost, confused, scared and unhappy is the norm. And there are others that say it feels a lot like anxiety: always thinking about where they could be (thanks, well-curated Instagram feeds) instead of focusing on where they currently are.

All of these are forms of a Quarter-Life Crisis. Yours could even be a different variation altogether. What they all have in common is the desire to change your life, try something different and learn something new.

Isn’t that just part of life?

Even if I think that’s a problem, how are you going to help?

QLC Projects

What is a QLC Project?

What is a Candidate? What is a Mentor?

What kind of organisations list QLC Projects?


How much does a QLC Project cost?

Why do I have to pay to do work? Shouldn’t I be the one getting paid?

Couldn’t I just do this on my own for free?

Getting Started

Do I have to quit my job?

When do QLC Projects run? Is there a specific date to submit my application?

How do I get access to the Project Dashboard?

Will there be a problem with time zone differences?

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