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  • Explore projects in areas that interest you, like trending industries, emerging markets, or amazing mentor profiles.
  • Choose to join projects and learn a completely new skill, or hone existing ones to build out your personal portfolio in a new market.
  • Find projects in a timezone that works best for your schedule.
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  • No resumes required. Create a QLC profile and apply for projects through a simple 10 minute application process.
  • Complete pre-project tasks to start your QLC experience.
  • Get matched based on your motivations for contributing to any project.

Get ready

  • Once you accept your project offer, say hi to your team on our platform.
  • Jump onto your Project Dashboard to start learning more about your startup and project goals.

Start your project

  • Spend 2-3 hours per week learning from the QLC Resource Library through reading or video materials and tasks to get started.
  • Another 2-3 hours per week will be dedicated to independent or project team work building out deliverables to achieve objectives discussed with your mentor.
  • Weekly 1 hour video check in with your mentor, to track progress on project goals, learn industry insight, and get feedback.

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  • Create your QLC mentor profile: Describe a little about yourself and your startup.
  • List a project that will help your business grow. Our project menu shows the scope, milestones, and starting point for the most needed services and experiments for startups.
  • Pick dates to run your project and your availability for weekly video check-ins.
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Get matched

  • Candidates from all over the world can apply to QLC projects they are interested in.
  • Sit back and relax. QLC will be busy matching the best candidates to your project who believe in your startup goals.

Prep for your project team

  • Once they are confirmed, say hi to your team on our platform.
  • Prepare helpful resources, like your pitch deck, and tools required for the project, like social media accounts.
  • During the first video check-in, you can share more about your business, set clear project goals, and confirm meet-up times.

Run your project

  • Weekly 1-hour video check in with your team, to track progress on project goals, share industry insight, and provide feedback.
  • Use chat to stay in touch with your team during the week.
  • QLC can help provide additional resources if you are new to the project subject matter.

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