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Focus on getting stuff done, not the hassle of hiring. List your startup, pick a pre-scoped project and you'll be assigned an online project team.

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Spend an hour a week setting project goals, sharing insights, and giving feedback. We'll take care of everything else including onboarding, training, tools, and day-to-day support.

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Tell us a little about yourself and your startup. Pick when you’d like to run your project and your availability for video check-ins. On our project menu, you can view the scope, milestones, and starting point for 28 of the most needed services and experiments for startups.

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Once they're confirmed, say hi to your team on our platform. Prepare helpful resources, like your pitch deck, and tools required for the project, like social media accounts. During the first video check-in, you can share more about your business, set clear project goals, and work out the best time to next meet.


Start mentoring

Make yourself available for a weekly 1-hour video check-in with your team, to track progress on project goals, share industry insight, and provide general feedback. Use chat to stay in touch with your team during the week. And if you're new to the project subject matter, like content marketing, data analytics, etc., we can provide additional resources.

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What do you need?

Digital Marketing

Social media, content marketing, branding material, etc.

Business Development

Lead generation, sales process optimisation, etc.

Data Analytics

Data visualisations, conversion funnel optimisation, etc.

Key Features

Pre-scoped projects

We offer projects with set end goals tailored to the needs of early stage startups.

Global talent pool

Your project is open to applications from our global userbase.

Application filtering

We filter out the spam, and only strong, relevant candidates are considered for matching.

Automated matching

No CVs or interviews needed. QLC assigns your team using our application matching algorithm.

Industry standard frameworks

Our project curriculum and framework uses the latest industry tools and resources.

Startup support

Our startup success team is only a message away if you need any help during your project.

Talent Summary

20 global universities

from UK, Australia, USA, and more


students and corporate professionals on QLC


have worked or lived abroad

Startup stories

Trusted by hundreds of people from global unique companies, just like yours

“I love how the support is so personal and the team genuinely cares about the project and candidates. You guys always reach out to make sure everything is okay and we know that QLC is just an email/a Skype call away if we needed any help! Thank you very much!”

Mun Foong

WanderZoom, Malaysia

“As the co-owner of a start-up, talent shortage has been one of the key issues that we have been facing. has given us the opportunity to work with talents from all around the world who love what we are doing and at the same time, giving the right guidance to help them in finding their passion. The professional growth I’ve experienced with has been amazing and I absolutely enjoyed mentoring with QLC.”


Aiido, Singapore

"My experience with QLC has been excellent. Working with QLC has offered the opportunity both to develop as a mentor and help the interns develop their skills.The QLC team has been extremely helpful, the on-boarding process is clear and seamless. Also, the interns in the program are highly skilled and exceptional in their job."


UnOrdinary Spaces, Miami, USA

"We worked with Ben and Kelly for 6 weeks to launch The Tech Memo, our first regular newsletter. Their work was impeccable and attention to detail impressive, so much so that we continued working with them past the initial project."


Startup Tracker, London, UK

"The students I worked with were engaged in our business development project from start to finish, asking relevant questions, and providing us with thoughtful feedback. They worked together as a team to complete all of the project tasks on time and with quality."

Ann Davis

Venture with Impact, Colombia, Thailand, Portugal

"QLC's consistently connected my company fundMyLife with excellent student interns, and they have produced marvellous content. The platform is easy to use, fuss-free, and the team is an excellent bunch who went the extra mile to engage myself and my interns. Highly recommend it to everyone!"

Jackie Tan

fundMyLife, Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

How much will a project cost me?

QLC projects are free for our startups. We are designed to be an experiential and educational program specific to the goals of startups and other digital-first companies.

How much time do I need to commit?

Remote? I've never done that before.


How soon can I get started?

How many projects can I list?

What will be the experience/skill level of my project team?

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