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Remote · A Social Media Launch experience with One Liter Car Wash from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mentored by Darshillan

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer with high level of determination and pay immense amount of detail to what I do. Experience in the Oil & Gas sector, being part of projects to develop offshore greenfield infrastructure. Highly articulate, stepped up to leadership roles, good organisation and management skills. Currently, pursuing an entrepreneurship path by leading a new startup called One Liter Car Wash (1L Car Wash). The start-up is currently in the scaling up phase.

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Hosted by One Liter Car Wash

1L Car Wash provides convenient, affordable, eco-friendly and socially conscious solution to your car washing needs.

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As a new startup, we are looking at placing our brand strategically on our social media platforms and creating the right kind of engagement with our potential partners and customers. An active social media platform with curated content will help put our brand out there for people to know and enquire about our services.


Milestone 1: Understanding the project goals Understanding the social media goals and confirm the platform your startup should be on and set up/edit social media accounts.N

Milestone 2: What Are The Others Doing? Summarising insights of your business social media landscape trends using identified competitors and industry best practices. Building an inspiration bank for content style, presentation and content direction.

Milestone 3: Developing Your Social Media Strategy Testing content distribution with simple content pieces. Developing key metrics, accompanied by guidelines for objectives, key messages and social engagement.

Milestone 4: Setting Up For Further Execution Setting up month-long editorial calendar.

Social Media Launch

Hosted by Darshillan

Social Media Launch


Remote Project


6 Weeks

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