Social Media Management for this Fit and Fab Startup  

Remote · A Social Media Management experience with BookIn Ltd from Hong Kong

Mentored by Saptarshi

Entrepreneur at heart and have decades of experience in technology consulting. Passionate about health and wellness and providing healthy lifestyle. My mission and vision is to have a Cancer Free World.

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Hosted by BookIn Ltd

BookIn is a integrated booking app for freelance instructors. It allows customers to book and pay for a yoga class in 3 clicks without a membership or contract. BookIn in a one stop shop for all freelance instructors for managing their business.

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Our team is looking for enthusiastic people to help to build a social media brand using the social media channels. This will enable to grow the brand and marketing campaigns. This platform is a booking platform for freelance instructors in yoga, fitness and dance. It enables the instructors to build a profile, schedule their classes and accept payments through they application from their customers. It is a one stop shop for all wellness freelance instructors to run their business.

We are looking for young talented out-of-the-box thinkers to grow the customer insights and campaign management on social media platforms.


Milestone 1: What Are The Others Doing? An exploration of your business social media landscape on best practices and trends based off type of industry and target audience

Milestone 2: Revisiting Your Social Media Strategy Suggestion of fresh ideas to explore - type of content and social engagement.

Milestone 3: Managing Social Media Platforms Assisting your startup’s marketer with managing the Social Media platforms and running tests on new contents explored.

Milestone 4: Reviewing Campaign And Data Making data-backed suggestions on how startup can further improve Social Media performance.

Social Media Management

Hosted by Saptarshi

Social Media Management


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

300 USD