Business Development for Digital Advertising as a Platform  

Remote · A Business Development experience with Digital Smart Ads from USA

Mentored by Ranjeev

Based in Paris and having worked more than 10-12 years in IT sector in various industries such as Digital Advertising, Digital Security, Airline IT and Banking, I specialize in topics such as Project Management, Agile Software Development, Cloud Computing, Enterprise System Architecture, DevOps, Cyber Security. I also had the opportunity to mentor Startups on wide topics like MVP, Business plan, Go to market strategy, pricing, funding, etc. I help businesses to unlock their potential to innovate and stay ahead of competition and succeed. Having my roots from India, I take inspirations from ancient wisdom from Vedas and practice of yoga. I am fluent in French, English, Hindi and have a working knowledge of German and Russian

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Digital Smart Ads is one of the industry’s first self-managed online Digital Advertising Platform that connects advertisers directly to ad-space owners, eliminating the high overhead cost of conventional advertisement selling models.

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Our executive team is looking to explore new market opportunity for our flagship project Digital Smart Ads.

We are looking for someone that is: *Interested in the area of sales, partnerships, or business development, in advertising industry *Hungry for results, and hustle even when no one's looking *Game to face challenges and create a solution, and a dozen alternatives after

If you answered "Yes!" to the above, then you may just be the one team member we are looking for to join our A-Team. We are building connections and serving business owners, business and sales leaders, and if you join, you will hit the ground running by identifying, connecting, communicating and serving these leaders through the world-class services we provide, while building win-win long term partnerships.

What to expect:

  • Working with a global virtual team (with management and team members in US, France, Hong Kong and India)
  • Direct mentorship and guidance from the founders and executives
  • Building connections with industry leaders
  • Getting challenged and growing on a daily basis
  • Being on the cutting edge of online marketing, business systems and virtual teams
  • Being part of a mission to empower business owners to reach and impact more people with their products and services

We're SO HAPPY AND EXCITED to meet and work with you, and look forward to the great work we will do together. :)


Milestone 1: Who are your customers? Define the profile of your target customer based on the demographic, geographic location, professional background, any other specified variables.

Milestone 2: Customer Discovery Interviewing customers to understand their needs and fit for user profile - matching the right customer to startup product/service

Milestone 3: Iterating Sales Strategies Using previous sales strategy - test and analyse results on new customer segment

Milestone 4: Feedback & Improvement Suggestions for improvement to existing sales strategies based on results gathered from tests

Business Development

Hosted by Ranjeev

Business Development


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

300 USD