Help Society Address And Deal With The Challenges Of Ageing  

Remote · A Business Development experience with Easycare from Hong Kong

Mentored by Xiayi

Xiayi is the Co-Founder of Easycare. She is an international business professional with experience both in financial services and management consulting across Europe, US and Asia. She is also an active alumni member at AIESEC, which is the largest international student organization.

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Easycare is a one-stop platform to manage one’s health situation and book qualified home care services over mobile Applications. Currently Easycare is providing services that are covering different family needs – home care, elderly care, sick care and child care.

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As a service care booking platform, Easycare has established its market reputation in Hong Kong, with a smart and reliable solution to help society deal with the challenges of ageing. The multi-awarded project has received solid seed funding support and is ready to expand to other markets. Taiwan is our next target market and we would need strong business professionals to help us conduct market studies, identify the pain in the market, and find the best entry opportunity.


Milestone 1: Who are your customers? Define the profile of your target customer based on the demographic, geographic location, professional background, any other specified variables.

Milestone 2: Customer Discovery Interviewing customers to understand their needs and fit for user profile - matching the right customer to startup product/service

Milestone 3: Iterating Sales Strategies Using previous sales strategy - test and analyse results on new customer segment

Milestone 4: Feedback & Improvement Suggestions for improvement to existing sales strategies based on results gathered from tests

Business Development

Hosted by Xiayi

Business Development


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