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Remote · A Business Development experience with EM Scientific from London, UK

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Having grown up with a genetic bone condition, I have a deep personal connection to medical technology innovation. I think it's the most exciting and rewarding field there is! I've worked really hard to get to the point where I can run a medtech start-up and am very happy to share wisdom with others where I can. I've spent the past 6 years on the business side of life sciences tech projects: - Boston Scientific: Business development & consulting with hospitals for new cardiovascular medical devices - Stent Tek: Planned market entry to Japan for new fistula device for kidney failure patients - Accenture (GSK, Novartis, Merck, UK National Health Service): life sciences software consulting projects; digital health projects - Inoviv: ran start up developing medicinal product to treat common warts - Medicare Australia Outside work, I love travel and composing music.

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We have the world's most promising new technology platform for developing new non-invasive diagnostic tests at low cost

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Hi there!

We have recently founded a medical diagnostics start-up which is backed by Entrepreneur First, developing non-invasive tests for cardiovascular diseases. We are looking for people who would be keen to get insights into an early stage life sciences start-up and a London-based company builder – Entrepreneur First. Activities will be centred around:

  • Finding potential new customers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Finding grants and other sources of funding, writing applications
  • Planning costs, revenues etc to contribute to grants and business plans, informing business strategy and product vision
  • Contributing to customer & funding pitch PPTs


Milestone 1: Who are your customers? Define the profile of your target customer based on the demographic, geographic location, professional background, any other specified variables.

Milestone 2: Customer Discovery Interviewing customers to understand their needs and fit for user profile - matching the right customer to startup product/service

Milestone 3: Iterating Sales Strategies Using previous sales strategy - test and analyse results on new customer segment

Milestone 4: Feedback & Improvement Suggestions for improvement to existing sales strategies based on results gathered from tests

Business Development

Hosted by Michael

Business Development


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Application deadline:

On Demand

Orientation begins:

in four weeks

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Wednesday at 8:00am