Calling creative minds to develop social media campaign for x-hebit.  

Remote · A Content Marketing Launch experience with x-hebit from Singapore

Mentored by Nanthinee

Ph.D. in Ecology with 10 years experience in ecology and sustainability practice. Extensive experience in auditing office spaces, food establishments and retails shops for sustainable practices. Currently focusing on driving sustainability within the events industry in Singapore.

This experience has limited places. We recommend applying soon.

Hosted by x-hebit

x-hebit is focused on enabling events to become more sustainable in Singapore. Events typically use alot of resources & generate much waste. x-hebit provides case studies, industry best practices, and resources to help event organisers plan green. To make things easier, we provide a curated directory of event-related sustainable products & services.


After launching successfully 10 months ago, x-hebit is under-going re-design and migrating to a new platform. The next phase is to position x-hebit as the go-to platform for all things to do with sustainable event planning. The plan is to develop a social media campaign (hopefully viral) that brings attention to x-hebit & sustainable events. The content is already available, it just jneeds to be presented strategically and in a graphically appealing and creative manner. We are planning to use Canva to create graphics, but are open to other design tools as well. These will be published through social channels such as Instagram, FB, and Twitter.

If you are a creative and likes to try out different ideas on driving social media campaigns, this is your chance! Candidates should have an interest in graphic design & marketing and be willing to think outside the box! If you have good ideas and want to experiment, come on board :) You'll have a chance to monitor the progress of the campaign and assess what works or doesnt through analytics data.


Milestone 1 - What Are The Others Doing? Summarising insights of identified competitors and industry best practices.

Milestone 2: Developing A Content Strategy Setting up a tool-shed, finding inspiration and building an idea bank based on your audience, objective, and key messages. A process will be created to streamline content marketing efforts

Milestone 3: Launching Content Marketing Content creation, setting up necessary briefs to ensure ideal and aligned execution

Content Marketing Launch

Hosted by Nanthinee

Content Marketing Launch


Remote Project


12 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Tuesday at 10:00am



Enrolment fee:

300 USD