Create A.I. powered interactive content for 900M Chinese users  

Remote · A Content Marketing Creation experience with Rikai Labs from Shanghai, China

Mentored by Edaan

Originally from the US, Edaan has a background in entrepreneurship and education. He began his career in education as an English teacher and text book author in the US and Asia. In 2008, he co-founded the real estate company LMD Management which he sold in 2014. After this he co-founded Rikai Labs. Rikai Labs engages and educates users with chatbots powered by a blend of Artificial Intelligence and live people via messaging platforms like WeChat. He leads operations and content development for Rikai's flagship Teacherbot chatbot which teaches China's 400M English language learners with a blend of live teachers and chatbots.

This experience has limited places. We recommend applying soon.

Hosted by Rikai Labs

We blend chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence with live people to engage and educate WeChat's 900 million users. Our chatbots teach English and powered Official WeChat accounts for Budweiser, Visa, Pernod Ricard and others.


We need help to create A.I. powered interactive English teaching content for China's 900M WeChat users. This position will help to create the initial content, and we will teach applicants to create interactive content like they use in the Quartz news app.

This position is good for people looking to learn how to create more interactive and engaging social media content.


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story Understanding the existing content marketing goals and processes. Decide on content type and design a new campaign based on the audience, objective, and key messages

Milestone 2: Exploring Alternatives Market research on competitors and industry best practice - generating an idea bank for content creation based on existing strategy and research

Milestone 3: Sharing Your Story Content creation; set up of necessary briefs to align ideas and execution

Content Marketing Creation

Hosted by Edaan

Content Marketing Creation


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

300 USD