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Remote · A Content Marketing Creation experience with Plush and Play from GK Enchanted Farm, Angat, Bulacan, Philippines

Mentored by Fabien

I am a French living in the Philippines since 2011. I decided to fly to this country to learn more about social entrepreneurship, to look for answers and ideas to bring at home. But I fell in love with Filipino culture and did not go back home. I am now board member of the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. And 4 years ago, with a team of young individuals, we founded the social enterprise Plush and Play! We provides sustainable livelihood to Filipino families by highlighting the undervalued sewing skills of the mothers who make proudly Filipino toys!

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It’s all started by listening to the moms’ stories. Most of them used to be involved in the garment industry in Bulacan, formerly known as one of the leading provinces in this sector. Unfortunately, over the past years, hundreds of factories closed down leaving the moms jobless. So, we decided to partner with them, bring our skills and passion, and create Plush and Play together! Born in 2014 inside the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, we have been providing a sustainable livelihood to Filipino families by highlighting the undervalued sewing skills of the moms who make proudly Filipino stuffed toys! Why stuffed toys? Well aside from being cute, we wanted our products to tell stories on real life heroes and to showcase the beauty of the Philippines. Our first line of proudly Filipino stuffed toys is fruits and veggies that grow in the Philippines! They all carry a Filipino icon name as our tomato - Anne Kamatis, our coconut - Buko Martin, our watermelon - Manny Pakwan and so much more! All our products are handcrafted by the moms and most of the job can be down at home. This set up makes their life much more convenient as they can have a life balance between their job and their family. For the past 4 years, 52 jobs have been created, over 150 000 products have been sold. We been supplying guests coming over to GK Enchanted Farm as well as working with big corporations as Colombia Shell, Accenture and so on. Our plan is to supply corporate giveaways to Gawad Kalinga partners as well as competing in the retail industry! Plush and Play wants to be the leader Filipino global toy company, inspiring generations of young heroes and nation-builders, and contributing to the ultimate goal of Gawad Kalinga: to end poverty in the country for five million families by 2024!

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Our team is looking for talented web designers to create our new website! Few months ago, our website had been hacked forcing us to erase it. Since that time, we have lost many potential customers!

We would like you to create our new website that will be attractive and ergonomic while respecting our identity!

Are you creative and highly skilled in digital design; do you have the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time, make it aesthetically appealing to the user?

Come and join our friendly team and help our social enterprise to grow in digitally!


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story Understanding the existing content marketing goals and processes. Decide on content type and design a new campaign based on the audience, objective, and key messages

Milestone 2: Exploring Alternatives Market research on competitors and industry best practice - generating an idea bank for content creation based on existing strategy and research

Milestone 3: Sharing Your Story Content creation; set up of necessary briefs to align ideas and execution

Content Marketing Creation

Hosted by Fabien

Content Marketing Creation


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300 USD