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Remote · A Content Marketing Creation experience with Frame & Fame from Hong Kong

Mentored by Tracy

Tracy is a sought-after Personal Branding Strategist in Asia, a certified strengths coach and, a lady entrepreneur who founded Frame & Fame -- a branding powerhouse for startup, SME, and executives in Hong Kong and the region. Tracy leads the business and provides personal brand coaching, consulting, storytelling support to clients. She and team also create a compelling brand identity and personal branding images for clients to stand out from the crowd by their authenticity.

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Hosted by Frame & Fame

Frame & Fame is a Hong Kong-based branding powerhouse fueling the growth and success of startups, SMEs and executives locally and regionally. We support clients by providing strategic personal brand consulting, brand identity design, coaching and portrait photography services so they can stand out from the crowd, build leadership and win more clients by their authenticity.

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We are looking for someone who is conscientious, self-driven to create assigned content within the given time, with minimal hand-holding. For this content creation role, someone who has journalism/editorial training and is able to write well in English would be an excellent asset. Not only writing and editing the English content for our blog, which will be launched soon, the candidate(s) will also join us in strategizing, planning for the content, creating an editorial calendar and doing research on the topics. Such topics will be around personal/company branding for startup, entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporate executives.


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story Understanding the existing content marketing goals and processes. Decide on content type and design a new campaign based on the audience, objective, and key messages

Milestone 2: Exploring Alternatives Market research on competitors and industry best practice - generating an idea bank for content creation based on existing strategy and research

Milestone 3: Sharing Your Story Content creation; set up of necessary briefs to align ideas and execution

Content Marketing Creation

Hosted by Tracy

Content Marketing Creation


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Wednesday at 10:00am



Enrolment fee:

300 USD