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Remote · A Content Marketing Creation experience with Venture with Impact from Medellin, Colombia; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Lisbon, Portugal

Mentored by Ann

Founder of Venture with Impact, Ann is an avid traveler, having visited or lived in over 40 countries in 5 continents. Throughout the past eight years, she has had experience founding a non-profit as well as working for several start-ups.

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VENTURE WITH IMPACT ENABLES DIVERSE PROFESSIONALS TO WORK ABROAD WHILE MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHERE THEY LIVE AND TRAVEL Venture with Impact is a work-abroad program that engages professionals on a 4-week-skills-based volunteering program while working remotely for their jobs, allowing them to develop professionally, rediscover purpose, and in the process, provide a positive social impact.

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Our marketing team is looking to explore new content ideas. We have a blog, which includes content on travel, remote work, etc. We also share content with bloggers and websites within our market niche. Past articles have included, 'Top 10 Cities for Remote Work' and 8 Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal. Our goal is to grow the reach and readership of our blog by experimenting with some new marketing campaigns and increasing the rate of content creation. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm and create content. An interest in research and a talent for writing is required.


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story Understanding the existing content marketing goals and processes. Decide on content type and design a new campaign based on the audience, objective, and key messages

Milestone 2: Exploring Alternatives Market research on competitors and industry best practice - generating an idea bank for content creation based on existing strategy and research

Milestone 3: Sharing Your Story Content creation; set up of necessary briefs to align ideas and execution

Content Marketing Creation

Hosted by Ann

Content Marketing Creation


Remote Project


12 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Thursday at 12:00am



Enrolment fee:

300 USD