Delve into the Beauty Consumer Psyche to Create Conversions  

Remote · A Data Analytics experience with Luxe Botanics from Singapore

Mentored by Rachel

CoR for botanical luxury skincare driving and implementing strategy across media, influencers and retailers.

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Hosted by Luxe Botanics

Inspired by nature’s most time-honoured, visibly proven botanical ingredients, Luxe Botanics reflects the passionate pursuit of South African biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, and her belief in the remarkable intersection between science and nature. Nurturing powers of nutrient-rich Core Botanicals – hydrating Marula Oil from Kenya, brightening Camu camu berry from Brazil and clarifying Kigelia africana from Malawi – are harnessed to create potent and regenerative beauty elixirs conscientiously crafted with plant-powered innovation.


Luxe Botanics is a start-up organic skincare brand. We are looking for a team with an eye for detail who can read into data across our existing marketing plaftforms including our e-commerce website, fortnightly blog, newsletter as well as social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helping us to understand our consumer better and make more informed strategic and tactical decisions regarding content. Currently we use Simply Measured reports but need to cross correlate data across platforms and generate consumer insights that will help inform how best to grow engagement around our brand and what generates the greatest traction moving forwards. We are looking for talent who can spot the opportunities in data - consumer and commercial opportunities we have missed - who engage with our brand most on a daily basis. We are open to new ideas, ways we can integrate AI into current systems to track this better.


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story
Understanding the existing data collection processes and analysis goals. Identify metrics to track, trends to observe and issues to flag. Sanity checks of data.

Milestone 2: What is your data saying?
Decomposition of data set, identifying data trends and loopholes. Insights to be reported with a data dashboard.

Milestone 3: How can we improve data collection?
Identification of loopholes and improvements on data to add value to future collection. Idea generation of future projects based on data insights.

Data Analytics

Hosted by Rachel

Data Analytics


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Tuesday at 3:00pm



Enrolment fee:

300 USD