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Remote · A Content Marketing Creation experience with Variantz from Singapore

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Prior to starting up Variantz, Philip served on various leadership roles across Asia-Pacific with Misys Financial Systems as Regional COO, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, SAP-SITEL, Wal-Mart Global Services. Philip specializes on Strategy, Operations, Transformation, Analytics, and Lead-to-Cash Business Process & Change Management. Philip is a Malaysian with permanent residency based out of Singapore. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong, United States, Thailand, China, Fiji,

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Variantz is a Converged Smart-Connected (IoT) Application & Platform Ecosystem for across various industries and segments. Variantz platform seamlessly Connect-Engage-Collaborate across various industrial applications, delivering complete end-to-end, online-to-offline intelligent ecosystem that is predictive, unified, secured, localized and personalized. We empower users the ability to interact, manage and gain insights to their environment so as to improve productivity, streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive user experience.

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We have a mission for you - Identify, gather, adapt, and develop content and copywriting suitable for omnichannel use. Make all home owners and residents understand, appreciate the value, and adopt Smart-Connected Homes. The current market in this area has been filled with noise, some misrepresentation, non-educated sales & marketing tactics, and cut-throat price war. We want to reach out in every way possible to either organizations and/or consumers on what truly constitute a Smart-Connected Home.

We will be focusing on a few themes for Residential Markets:

  • Home & Living
  • Energy & Environment
  • Safety & Security
  • Healthcare & Wellness

In the process of doing so, it is important to emphasize that (1) Cheap is not always good (2) Do not always compare by mean of technical specification, go by what you need and fitting to your living environment (3) Referral of Smart Home integration provider may be biased so do your due diligence (4) Do not forget the element of security (5) Most Important of all, there's more to hardware and connection for a Smart-Connected Home - Application & Services Ecosystem.

We are looking for content focused on these topics!


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story Understanding the existing content marketing goals and processes. Decide on content type and design a new campaign based on the audience, objective, and key messages

Milestone 2: Exploring Alternatives Market research on competitors and industry best practice - generating an idea bank for content creation based on existing strategy and research

Milestone 3: Sharing Your Story Content creation; set up of necessary briefs to align ideas and execution

Content Marketing Creation

Hosted by Philip

Content Marketing Creation


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

300 USD