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Remote · A Business Development experience with Nazariya from New Delhi

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I feel that I have always been an entrepreneur, at heart. Graduated from University of Creative Arts, Maidstone in Visual communications and post graduated from Domus Academy, Milan in Busienss Design and MSc in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons, The New School, I am a visual communicator and a design strategist, hence creative problem solving is a very important skill that is used on daily basis. Along with that, I am a keen learner, therefore I am a self taught digital marketing professional and sales executive.

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Hosted by Nazariya

In this world of digital art and 3D printing, Nazariya is a movement to bring us closer, to the beautiful world of Indian Folk Art. It is an effort in not just reviving these artforms, but also making them relevant for today. Nazariya is trying to bring out the subtle message behind these artforms; the message of unity, brotherhood and community. This is Nazariya’s way of taking you on an incredible journey into India’s past, helping us create a new future.

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Nazariya is looking to expand its business and celebrate Indian culture around the world. Through the project, we are hoping to co-create promotional and marketing strategies for artwork that we sell to cultural enthusiasts globally and get some initial leads. Our target customers include Indians living abroad or people from different nationalities fascinated by Indian culture. We have not entered into this target audience or international sales yet, but are eager to explore it, as we see a huge potential.

We are looking for strategic design thinkers, business designers or creative people with a passion to know more about other cultures and indigenous and extinct artforms and traditions.

Together, let's give history a future!


Milestone 1: Who are your customers? Define the profile of your target customer based on the demographic, geographic location, professional background, any other specified variables.

Milestone 2: Customer Discovery Interviewing customers to understand their needs and fit for user profile - matching the right customer to startup product/service

Milestone 3: Iterating Sales Strategies Using previous sales strategy - test and analyse results on new customer segment

Milestone 4: Feedback & Improvement Suggestions for improvement to existing sales strategies based on results gathered from tests

Business Development

Hosted by Raghvi

Business Development


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6 Weeks

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