Help People go on a travel escapade daily trough email  

Remote · A Email Marketing Management experience with Blueflower Inspired Travels from Hong Kong

Mentored by Andrea

Andrea is the Founder and CEO of Blueflower, a Hong Kong travel company. He offers some of the most ambitious journeys to the most exciting destinations on Earth.

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Hosted by Blueflower Inspired Travels

A game changer in the travel agency business, the Blueflower travel company stands for the infinite yearning for the most magnificent and pure travel experiences.

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We have a large list of contacts in our database that we would like to engage with through meaningful content that our customers look forward to receiving.

We would like to develop a best practice in email marketing and, as such, develop a strategy, set up, and manage effective campaigns.


Milestone 1: What Are The Others Doing? An exploration of your industry landscape on best practices and critical analysis on competitors’ strategy

Milestone 2: Managing Newsletter Campaign Assisting your startup’s marketer with managing newsletter marketing and running tests on any fresh ideas

Milestone 3: How to minimise effort? Building of relevant templates based on editorial calendar

Milestone 4: Reviewing Campaign And Data Making data-backed suggestions on how startup can further improve newsletter marketing performance.

Email Marketing Management

Hosted by Andrea

Email Marketing Management


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Application deadline:

On Demand

Orientation begins:

in four weeks

Weekly meeting:

Wednesday at 11:00am