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Remote · A Social Media Management experience with Drizzlin from UK

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Digital Communications firm

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Drizzlin is a digital marketing firm that works in two areas of consumer insights and engagement. Our guiding philosophy of creating ‘more human brands’ via digital helps us see new opportunities for clients across a wide spectrum of Industry. Drizzlin has worked in over 20 markets worldwide and would like to deepen its presence in some key markets. Drizzlin is known for questioning status quo, bringing in a clear point of view and developing innovative solutions for its clients. The opportunity is to further enhance the companies social media presence on FB, Twitter and Medium. We’re looking for creative thinkers, data enthusiasts and business aware graduates. We’re hoping to generate deep engagement with a small set of targeted audiences with this activity.


Milestone 1: What Are The Others Doing? An exploration of your business social media landscape on best practices and trends based off type of industry and target audience

Milestone 2: Revisiting Your Social Media Strategy Suggestion of fresh ideas to explore - type of content and social engagement.

Milestone 3: Managing Social Media Platforms Assisting your startup’s marketer with managing the Social Media platforms and running tests on new contents explored.

Milestone 4: Reviewing Campaign And Data Making data-backed suggestions on how startup can further improve Social Media performance.

Social Media Management

Hosted by Vinay

Social Media Management


Remote Project


6 Weeks

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On Demand

Orientation begins:

in four weeks

Weekly meeting:

Tuesday at 5:00pm


IST (GMT+5.5)