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I'm a first year Honours Computer Science student minoring in Economics at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada. I also work at Algoma as a research assistant. I write and maintain software and websites in my free time, including the free, anonymous, self-hosted social networking platform Tokumei.

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Tokumei is an anonymous social networking platform. We believe that what you have to say is more important than who you are. Tokumei's strong anonymity means privacy and real, honest discussion. When all information is treated equally, only an interesting post or an accurate argument works. We make the free, self-hostable Tokumei software and sell installation and customization services to people hosting their own Tokumei sites.


Tokumei is a self-hosted social networking platform in the microblogging format of Twitter. Anyone can host their own Tokumei site with their own niche audience and rules. We provide optional installation, customization, and custom feature development services for hosts to set up and personalize their Tokumei sites. We need your help identifying potential hosts and selling Tokumei to them! We envision Tokumei being used by meetups, clubs, teams, events, schools, groups of friends, and other small organizations to share and critique ideas in a private forum.


Milestone 1: Who are your customers? Define the profile of your target customer based on the demographic, geographic location, professional background, any other specified variables.

Milestone 2: Customer Discovery Interviewing customers to understand their needs and fit for user profile - matching the right customer to startup product/service

Milestone 3: Iterating Sales Strategies Using previous sales strategy - test and analyse results on new customer segment

Milestone 4: Feedback & Improvement Suggestions for improvement to existing sales strategies based on results gathered from tests

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Hosted by Kyle

Business Development


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