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Remote · A Social Media Launch experience with Hello Monday Club from The Netherlands

Mentored by Angelique

My name is Angelique and I am the founder of Hello Monday Club. I am passionate about the way people organize themselves, the Future of Work and Startup cultures. I help future-minded founders and CEO's to build high performing and inspired teams and outstanding workplace cultures. I am exploring and shaping The Future of Work

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Hosted by Hello Monday Club

I offer you a fresh look at your organizational approach, one that will suit you, your team, your business and the challenges of the 21st century. We explore together and come to solutions that fit your unique organizational needs. Let’s leave outdated organizational structures behind. It’s time for reflection; it’s time to explore the Future of Work.


Hello Monday Club helps future-minded founders and CEO’s to build high-performing and inspiring teams that are ready for 21st-century challenges.

We have launched an online Magazine about the Future of Work where we publish content that inspires and educates our readers about different themes such as, remote teams, startup culture, work culture, employee engagement, unlimited holiday policies, value-based leadership, purpose driven organizations, talent development in the future

There is written content available but since we just launched there is no traffic and there has not been any promotion. The goal is to set up a social media campaign that will reach the right audience and start to convert to subscribers. At the end of the project, we should have some metrics and some insights on what works best.

Some tasks: Promoting Content on Social Media channels Promoting content on Facebook / Linkedin groups Manage joined promotion campaign with clients about case studies Manage Editorial Calendar Re-create blog content for social media post Create best strategy and collect insights.


Milestone 1: Understanding the project goals Understanding the social media goals and confirm the platform your startup should be on and set up/edit social media accounts.N

Milestone 2: What Are The Others Doing? Summarising insights of your business social media landscape trends using identified competitors and industry best practices. Building an inspiration bank for content style, presentation and content direction.

Milestone 3: Developing Your Social Media Strategy Testing content distribution with simple content pieces. Developing key metrics, accompanied by guidelines for objectives, key messages and social engagement.

Milestone 4: Setting Up For Further Execution Setting up month-long editorial calendar.

Social Media Launch

Hosted by Angelique

Social Media Launch


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

300 USD