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Remote · A Content Marketing Launch experience with Lihaoma 礼好吗 from Shanghai

Mentored by Rachel

I'm passionate about startups and innovation! I have had the chance to approach innovation through 3 different angles: running my own startup 礼好吗 Lihaoma, leading Shanghai University's global entrepreneurship program and participating in Chinaccelerator Batch 11, the leading accelerator in China. My four core values are: sustainability: I value generating healthy revenue growth from sales. I consider daily the impact of my decisions on the environment, which ultimately led me to become vegetarian; Lean: I thrive to consistently deliver value to our customers through fast iterations. I put emphasis on activities that bring me high value, such as traveling, practicing yoga, reading and teaching; Collaboration: at Lihaoma, I build relationships with the 500 different partners we work with; I aim to be a startup ecosystem cornerstone through bridging 8 different communities together within my network of 2500+ contacts. Intensity: I lead teams with emphasis on time management and enthusiasm. Whenever I'm working on a project, I devote my full attention to the people and experiences around me. Most importantly, I am eager to share my knowledge and experiences with those who share a passion for startups and finding innovative ways to succeed.

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Hosted by Lihaoma 礼好吗

Lihaoma helps brand engage with consumers though branded online games. We’ve helped 350 brands including Feiyue, Budweiser and Dunkin Donuts multiply by 10 their ad engagement rate. Lihaoma was awarded most innovative startup in 2016 by the Shanghai government and have been selected out of 210 companies to join Chinaccelerator Batch 11.


As an entrepreneur with numerous side-activities, I have built a strong network across multiple startup communities. Lately, I've had a lot of awesome opportunities and requests come my way - from leading Lean Startup Workshops to mentoring university students launching their own businesses. Now, I want to further expand my online visibility by growing my digital presence, as well as create a structured method to interact with and respond to those contacting me. In short, I need your help creating my content marketing strategy that will allow me to automate and accelerate my presence as an entrepreneur!

In this project, there are four main goals:

  1. Come up with creative and diverse ways to structure my biography in defined yet different formats
  2. Analyze articles and help identify commonly asked questions (e.g. What is it like being a female founder?) and create a clear and appealing database of answers
  3. Structure current media coverage: I have about 20 articles covering my entrepreneurship. Help identify which articles and news sources are the most relevant and interesting and come up with a structure that best presents these sources
  4. After creating and structuring the content, create a beautifully designed landing page online

Through this project, you'll not only support an entrepreneur in finding their own unique selling point, but will also learn how to apply branding techniques to people, something that will help you personally excel in any type of business or venture you pursue.


Milestone 1 - What Are The Others Doing? Summarising insights of identified competitors and industry best practices.

Milestone 2: Developing A Content Strategy Setting up a tool-shed, finding inspiration and building an idea bank based on your audience, objective, and key messages. A process will be created to streamline content marketing efforts

Milestone 3: Launching Content Marketing Content creation, setting up necessary briefs to ensure ideal and aligned execution

Content Marketing Launch

Hosted by Rachel

Content Marketing Launch


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Application deadline:

On Demand

Orientation begins:

in four weeks