Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Through Social Media  

Remote · A Social Media Management experience with cybersourcepk from Pakistan

Mentored by Irshad

I am a programmer, team lead and project manager and now I am running a software company providing services related to web and mobile apps development.

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Cybersource pk has experts in Web App Development, Mobile App Development and Designing services. We have established an online presence for many businesses through high quality and dedicated services. CSPK provides services with highly skilled and experienced professionals across the globe. We are committed to helping companies with innovative solutions find their competitive advantage and streamline business operations.

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We would like to run a marketing strategy using our current LinkedIn account. We will target educational institution in the US, UK and Australia to provide our services, which include web and mobile apps development for them, such as LMS, School Management Systems and Website development.

Our LinkedIn campaign will include content creation, curation, infographics network building, growing and managing our existing LinkedIn group, and running a messaging campaign to those targeted leads.


Milestone 1: What Are The Others Doing? An exploration of your business social media landscape on best practices and trends based off type of industry and target audience

Milestone 2: Revisiting Your Social Media Strategy Suggestion of fresh ideas to explore - type of content and social engagement.

Milestone 3: Managing Social Media Platforms Assisting your startup’s marketer with managing the Social Media platforms and running tests on new contents explored.

Milestone 4: Reviewing Campaign And Data Making data-backed suggestions on how startup can further improve Social Media performance.

Social Media Management

Hosted by Irshad

Social Media Management


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Tuesday at 10:00am



Enrolment fee:

300 USD