Machine Learning in Advertising Data Operations  

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I am passionate about scaling insights, so everyone can make data-driven decisions. Analytics is not just for nerds :P

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Executing digital transformation programs for large enterprises

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This project will require the team to learn advanced text analytics in order to manipulate ad campaign naming conventions into a standardised format and design an ETL process to integrate into a centralised data schema, so further modelling and visualisation work can be performed.

The data will be of advertising campaigns before any ads are delivered. The size will be very small - 3,000 lines of text which no more than 300-400 characters. The challenge is to either to manipulate free text into a standardised naming convention or to create an automated mapping table so campaign parameters can be mapped to specific campaign IDs.


Milestone 1 - What Is Your Startup Story
Understanding the existing data collection processes and analysis goals. Identify metrics to track, trends to observe and issues to flag. Sanity checks of data.

Milestone 2: What is your data saying?
Decomposition of data set, identifying data trends and loopholes. Insights to be reported with a data dashboard.

Milestone 3: How can we improve data collection?
Identification of loopholes and improvements on data to add value to future collection. Idea generation of future projects based on data insights.

Data Analytics

Hosted by Tim

Data Analytics


Remote Project


6 Weeks

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Thursday at 5:00pm



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300 USD