Social Media Management for a Lifestyle Brand  

Remote · A Social Media Management experience with Furnishr from New York City

Mentored by Karen

- Co-founder, CTO and Chief Design Lead of Furnishr - Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, full stack software development - Guest lecturer invited by Startup Institute's web dev track to teach Ruby on Rails - Interior design, furniture design

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Hosted by Furnishr

Furnishr is the turn-key furnishing solution that will save you time and money by completely setting up your home in one day.

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I'm looking to organize the social media presence for Furnishr on Instagram and Pinterest. This project will involve creating appealing images and posts for both of these platforms.


Milestone 1: What Are The Others Doing? An exploration of your business social media landscape on best practices and trends based off type of industry and target audience

Milestone 2: Revisiting Your Social Media Strategy Suggestion of fresh ideas to explore - type of content and social engagement.

Milestone 3: Managing Social Media Platforms Assisting your startup’s marketer with managing the Social Media platforms and running tests on new contents explored.

Milestone 4: Reviewing Campaign And Data Making data-backed suggestions on how startup can further improve Social Media performance.

Social Media Management

Hosted by Karen

Social Media Management


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Weekly meeting:

Tuesday at 5:00pm



Enrolment fee:

300 USD