This Startup Needs The Facebook Fanatic In You!  

Remote · A Social Media Launch experience with Startup Tracker from London, UK

Mentored by Jeremiah

Most people describe me as a very technical and hands-on Product Manager. My spectrum of activities include: User Interface and User Experience design, Growth Engineering, Customer Development, Business Development and anything else required to make things happen, including Frontend and App Dev • Lived/studied in Paris, Montreal and London, 2015 Imperial College PhD graduate (Artificial Intelligence).

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Startup Tracker is the world's first startup data search engine. We aggregate, crawl and crowdsource structured data about startups companies. In short, we align the interest of startups and startup information seekers by connecting parties with mutual interest. Latest cool thing we did: a partnership with e27 to list their startup data on our platform.

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We're mostly on Twitter at the moment, although we do have a placeholder Facebook page: (looks pretty sad doesn't it? :-P)

We're looking for someone who's a social media fanatic and wants to help us drive growth through activating our Facebook presence. We do have a substantial newsletter and reach, so bootstrapping growth shouldn't be a problem.

Bonus points if you're an automation expert!


Milestone 1: Understanding the project goals Understanding the social media goals and confirm the platform your startup should be on and set up/edit social media accounts.N

Milestone 2: What Are The Others Doing? Summarising insights of your business social media landscape trends using identified competitors and industry best practices. Building an inspiration bank for content style, presentation and content direction.

Milestone 3: Developing Your Social Media Strategy Testing content distribution with simple content pieces. Developing key metrics, accompanied by guidelines for objectives, key messages and social engagement.

Milestone 4: Setting Up For Further Execution Setting up month-long editorial calendar.

Social Media Launch

Hosted by Jeremiah

Social Media Launch


Remote Project


6 Weeks

Enrolment fee:

499 USD